Happy Halloween!

Vulture, about to take flight in search of smelly dead things

Dead Man’s Fingers in a dark, damp place

Whitetail buck lurking in the cover of darkness

A web ghost, guarding the entrance to its cavernous home in a hollow tree

Rare discovery of a ghost nursery, masquerading as wild, White Baneberry

Unidentified swamp creature

Chippy, guarding its Halloween feast

A human perspective

Photos by NB Hunter. © All rights reserved.

Halloween Season!

Halloween is less than a week away (the eve of October 31) and colorful decorations – pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, wicked witches, ghosts and goblins – adorn every conceivable nook and cranny, indoors and out.

This post started out innocently enough: an image of a field of pumpkins – a natural landscape and logical follow-up to my last post on autumn landscapes in Central New York.


But later, en route to town via a shortcut, I passed a farmer’s roadside Halloween stand. Of course, I did a U-turn, immersed myself in the scene, and forgot why I was on the road in the first place. Fun!




Happy Halloween!!!


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.