Calls in the Night

The November full moon rose above the tall spruce trees along the edge of the yard around 8:00 this evening. Standing on the porch to get a better look, maybe take a picture or two, I was reminded that a full moon is much more than a diversion for a shivering photographer. The entire natural world responds, in some way or another, as its brightness casts shadows into the night.

This evening the response was audible: a pack of coyotes howling and yipping on a hilltop a half mile northeast of me. The eerie, bone-chilling calls are mesmerizing, even frightening when close, but I love the wildness of it all.


Photo by NB Hunter (3Nov2017).

Happy Halloween!!!

Frosty mornings, foraging critters, flaming foliage, a bright moon lighting up the night sky, corn harvesting, piles of pumpkins, scary stuff…..yikes! There are so many choices for my photo journal and Halloween greeting from Central New York. I’ll present these fresh images, for no particular rhyme or reason. It just feels good!

Hunters’ Moon, early evening; 26Oct2015

Farmer and his truck, both a little tired

American Beech on fire, over a background of Red Oak

A chunky chippy, pondering the challenge of getting a 10-inch pumpkin into the 2-inch entrance to its underground burrow

Hunters’ Moon, late evening; 26Oct2015

Zombie White-tail

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.