Soaring with Eagles

It seemed fitting that, on the eve of the anniversary of the passing of a great friend and naturalist, I was surprised this morning by an immature eagle feeding on something in a hay field. Mobbing crows forced it to fly, too quickly for me to adjust camera settings. When I finally locked on to the eagle, the distance was alarming – too far away for a quality shot, twice my threshold shooting distance. I offer just the image, with no explanation. This was a good day.


Real friends embrace the full palette of one another’s life experiences with deep understanding, admiration and respect. NBH

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

Eagle in the Mist

I’ve visited and blogged the “deer carcass on ice” site for three consecutive days now. The first visit was a career highlight. Yesterday I was a little reckless in my approach and spooked a juvenile eagle off the carcass. (before leaving, I photographed a lake shore scene, choosing a subject that couldn’t run or fly away from me; there’s something to be said for a still life!).

This morning I enlisted the help of Mother Nature in my effort to outwit wary eagles. I arrived mid morning, concealed in a blanket of dense, low fog. The scene was lovely, serene, dreamy, but  I couldn’t see anything beyond the immediate foreground.

The fog was rolling along quickly with a westerly breeze, and soon began to dissipate. I didn’t know it at the time, but the darkish spot in the fog layer, left of center, would command my undivided attention for the next 30 minutes.


As the fog lifted, an eagle appeared in the mist. A juvenile Bald Eagle.






I had 30 minutes of quality time with this bird before another vehicle pulled in to the lake access area. Too much disturbance. The party was over.


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.