Juncos Dawn to Dusk

Slate-colored Juncos are by far the most common winter visitor at the feeders. Dozens arrive in the early morning hours, usually before I’ve finished my coffee and want to brave the elements to scatter bird seed.  The predawn flock of small, dark objects hopping and fluttering about is my signal to get moving. Once outside,  the soft, barely audible twittering of the flock gives me pause. If I needed a reward for my efforts, that would be it.

They’re common, they’re not very colorful, they don’t dazzle with aerial maneuvers….they’re just juncos. But, they have a special place in my archives.







Photos by NB Hunter (Feb., 2018). ©  All Rights Reserved.


Winter Birds: Shades of Gray

Small flocks of Slate-colored Juncos are an integral part of the winter landscape, especially around backyard feeders. They’re often the first to arrive at a feeder in the morning – when there’s just enough light to see breakfast!


Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.