A Different View for Wildflowers

Cold weather has delayed the arrival of traditional, early spring wildflowers. This has led me to look up rather than down, searching for the lesser known flowers of trees and shrubs. They can be stunning, but often require magnification to be appreciated.


One of the many species of shrubby willows (Salix); a critical food source for bees in early spring



Red maple (Acer rubrum) in full bloom

Photos by NB Hunter. ©All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “A Different View for Wildflowers

    • Thanks Liz. Near freezing last night – these early bloomers often lose a generation of seedlings to frost. Our location southeast of the Great Lakes translates into one sunny/cerulean day per week over the course of a year. Needless to say, I go a little crazy with the camera when it happens!

  1. The small flowers on shrubs and trees are beautiful. For me the small flowers of trees and shrubs along with early spring leaves give the world a magic-land look…or perhaps I should the landscape looks like it is trimmed in lace…

  2. Hi Nick! I truly enjoyed your photos and comments all winter….you are an amazing talent!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this gift with the rest of us! Sincerely, Linda

  3. Hello Nick – loved these close ups!!! Not many people see a pussywillow with such detail.
    I’m so glad you bought that camera years ago and that you have developed into such a fantastic photographer. You have enriched the lives of many people with this website. Thank you!!! Anita

    • Thank you. Things have been a little crazy around here of late and your comment was perfectly timed and much appreciated. Coming attractions: Yesterday, after dropping Max off for physical therapy, I ended up laying flat out for an hour watching and photographing a deafening chorus of breeding toads…soooo….my next x-rated post!!!

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