I see… Green

“Green” in the natural world is an incredibly complex and challenging topic but this beautiful post does it justice! Thanks to Exploring Colour for the post and opportunity to contribute!

Exploring Colour

This green-themed photo collection has been slowly coming together for a while now. I’ve found more photos over the last few days and its great to be able to publish at last! Thank you to contributing photographers! All images used with permission.

The collection starts with clambering out of green goo…


“One minute it’s a green goo, the next something climbs out.” Taken by Ted Jennings (South Carolina Lowcountry, USA)

[To view a large-size version click HERE]

From:   Out Of The Goo, An Alligator  |  August 10, 2017

Blog:     TPJphoto.net


Algae like a green snake. Taken July 25th by Steven Schwartzman (Austin, Texas, USA)

[Click on the photo to view large-size version]

From:   Like a green snake in the water  |  Sept 15, 2017

Blog:     Portraits of Wildflowers


“The green frogs (tree frogs) are one of [my] favourite animals in the garden – almost a pet!” –…

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