Autumn Landscapes in Central New York

Aided by warm sunny weather and the absence of strong winds and precipitation, fall foliage colors were brilliant last week. I love this season and cherish the moments when everything comes together – colors, lighting, moisture, stillness – to support the many “flaming foliage” festivals and “leaf-peeping” activities that occur throughout the Northeast. This type of ecotourism can be simple, cheap and highly rewarding outdoor recreation.


This year’s theme came to me as I drove the back roads of Central New York, admiring the rural landscapes that still characterize much of the region. These landscapes are not held in the public trust as “forever wild”. They are private lands, lands that are vulnerable to development and changing rapidly. Natural scenes with high visual quality are, in fact, an endangered resource that is disappearing virtually overnight. Hence, my theme: preservation and advocacy via a photographic record.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Landscapes in Central New York

    • Thanks Katrina. One of the joys of creating a post like this is the satisfaction of sharing with family, friends, bloggers who, for one reason or another, don’t have the opportunity to see these October landscapes.

  1. These are terrific Nick. Our kids have a place in Ghent in Hudson County. I did a post on the farms and rolling hills up there this past summer. So bucolic and peaceful – which comes shining thru in these captures. Nicely done and well said!

    • Thanks Tina. My inventory of landscape images is pretty thin compared to some subjects and I’m really enjoying the challenge of correcting that, with some specific goals in mind for extra motivation. Man on a mission! I’ll see if I can find your Hudson Valley post — I know I’ll enjoy it and, more important, learn a thing or two.

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for the feedback on this post, which I really enjoyed creating – clearly a topic near and dear to my heart. I’m rather fond of the “geese landing” shot myself! I just ordered a print of it for a friend and, believe it or not, when I created the post I didn’t realize there were windmills faintly visible on the horizon. I missed a golden opportunity to reinforce my theme of changing/deteriorating landscapes!!!

    • Several friends who no longer reside in NYS have shared similar feelings about my seasonal themes. These comments are a very satisfying reward for the effort and will help motivate me to post Autumn again next year. Thanks Carol!

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