Bird Feeder Survey 31January2016

I planned to complete my January bird feeder survey with images of something other than the common, everyday visitors. I’ve seen a Cooper’s Hawk hunting my “fly-through restaurant” on two occasions and envisioned that raptor in my finale. Wishful thinking. Hawk visits are sporadic and unpredictable, and the opportunity never materialized. I was forced to dig a few images from my archives, taken around this time of year, in the same backyard setting.




Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Survey 31January2016

  1. What a coincidence. Our yard finally seems to be getting some life. There has been a herd of juncos eating something (?) off the patio. Then this afternoon I heard that sqeee, sqeee, sqeee call of a hawk and finally located him up on a hillside on the very tip of a tall fir tree. Wish I’d managed a shot of him to try to identify. I’ll keep watching for him. I think he announces himself with his irritated squawking over us chasing the birds off when we step outside.

    • I just sent an email to a friend on the subject of animal response to the arrival of my Cooper’s hawk. I never cease to be amazed at the disappearing act. Every critter – perhaps 30 or 40 birds and squirrels, 7 or 8 species in all – is out of sight for half an hour. It’s an eerie scene that begs the question: how do they all get the message so quickly and bail out so quickly, in unison??? Even the squirrel and sparrow behind a stump, out of sight of the hawk, instinctively know what’s going on and what to do. Interspecies cooperation for predator avoidance is impressive.

      • I’ve watched the very disappearing act you mention. It’s amazing. There are so many questions… All we can do is continue to observe and document. 🙂

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